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Our Story

CSN’s comprehensive solution is to help marketers stop wasting their ad dollars on venue advertising that are not profitable of achieving the greatest revenue return on every advertising dollar they spend. 

CSN has created for consumers and marketers, our shopping TV movie platform that brings the two together through our shopping entertainment concept, that informs, communicates, and entertains customers with marketer’s products and services in a unique shopping experience.  

CSN brings a new way of Marketing and Advertising to new and existing brands, entrepreneurs, and artists with marketable commodities, looking to sale their products and services to a targeted customer base.  

CSN will connect marketers to vast opportunities to expand their clientele while increasing their sales revenue by advertising their product/service to an identifiable customer audience within our featured shopping TV movie with no commercial interruptions therefore eliminating annoyances. 

Our customer audience while watching the Shopping TV Movie will be directed straight to our client's website and stores for the purchasing of their products and services.

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