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Frequently Asked Questions

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Before registering your products, please read the FAQ's


Q: Are there certain kinds of products CSN is looking for to enter the shopping TV movie?

Of course, products and services that are used in our everyday lives are open for submission, but CSN is searching for new and innovative, revolutionary, exclusive, unique and life changing products that will improve our lives.


Q: Is there a fee to submit my product for a CSN movie product entry?

No, there is no fee for submitting your product for CSN movie product entry review.


Q: Are there a limited number of products I can submit at one time?

At this time the number of products you can submit to CSN for movie product entry review are up to ten per submission.


Q: Is there an enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement for my product submission?

No, due to the number of product submissions we receive. CSN will not agree to a non disclosure agreement but we require that your product is trademarked and patented prior to your submission for us to review for movie product entry.


Q: What is the time for receiving a response from CSN regarding my submission?

Here’s how it works, a Product Verification Specialist (PVS) will be assigned to your submission who verifies your brand and products credentials. If at that time your product is of interest you will be notified by an Account Executive this process could take up to two weeks.


Q: Are there any kinds of products that CSN will not market in the shopping TV movie?

Yes, CSN will not promote certain products and products brands within the shopping TV movie that CSN deems offensive to our consumer audience. With that said, please be advised that products below or similar may appear within the shopping TV movie but will not be available for purchase from the site, they are:
- Firearms
- Tobacco-products
- Sexual aid products
- Feminine hygiene
- Drug substances


Q: How do I submit my product to CSN for consideration as a movie product entry?

Complete the registration form on our website for entry.


Q: Can I resubmit a different product at a different time if for some reason my first product submission was not selected for a movie product entry?

Yes, if you have a different product and believe it will be a fit for our next shopping TV movie, then you can submit that product. You can continue to check our website for upcoming movie product entry opportunities.


Q: How will I know that CSN has received my product information that I have submitted?

You will receive an automated email response informing you that CSN has received your product information and that it is being reviewed by CSN’s Product Verification Specialist (PVS).

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